Rhytidocaulon Ceropegia macroloba subsp. macroloba “Zombie fingers”


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Living dead succulent for the creepy season!

These succulents are very susceptible to root rot. Water sparingly during the growing season ignore it in the winter. Loves to be neglected. Produces showy flowers with a citrus fragrance.Β  Growers choice hand selections in 2.5″ pots. Top dressing not included.

Care Needs



Recreate a dense forest environment. Very little, if any, direct sunlight should hit the plant at any time of the day.

Low Humidity: Ideally Above 40%

Low Humidity: Ideally Above 40%

This Hoya tolerates a drier environment. However, it could still benefit from light humidity care, including misting and grouping together with other houseplants. May require humidifier in cooler, drier months.

 Intermediate: Lowest 60F

Intermediate: Lowest 60F

This hoya does not require high heat, but does not tolerate cold as well as other varieties.

 Does Not Sunstress

Does Not Sunstress

This plant will not change color under bright light.

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