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Ethical Standards

Plant Bro is a Canadian based shop that strives to bring you the healthiest plants at fair prices. We source our plants internationally from growers who are committed to maintaining ethical standards in harvesting or growing new plants.

We do not sell new imports to our customers. We care for mother plants and bring you second generation, high quality plants grown under our care right here in our propagation center.

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Every package is a gift experience from us to you!

Handling with care...

Each box is packed with care and attention to detail. We use quality packaging materials that are also recyclable where possible.

Because we care for each and every plant baby as our own, we see each package as a chance to share a precious gift with you, our customers!

Our commitment to high quality plants and excellent customer service does not end at your doorstep! We are always here to help with any questions or concerns once you become a new plant parent.

Epiprenum pinnatum albo --Plant Bro

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