About Us

Plant Bro was founded in 2020 by Jed and Holly, a passionate couple with a deep love for plants and nature. Holly, who grew up in a small town in Ontario, has always had an appreciation for nature and greenery. Jed, originally from the Philippines, moved to Canada at the end of high school, bringing with him a rich cultural heritage and a love for diverse plant species. They met while working as nurses in Toronto and decided to combine their passions and start Plant Bro.

What began as a simple Instagram account sharing pictures of plants has now blossomed into a reputable plant grower and seller based in Ontario, Canada. Our journey from a small social media presence to a thriving business is a testament to our dedication, hard work, and the support of our amazing community of plant enthusiasts.

At Plant Bro, we take pride in being a registered trademark, ensuring that our brand stands for quality and trust. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every plant we propagate and every customer we serve. We are dedicated to making plant collection affordable and accessible for everyone, from seasoned plant parents to those just starting their green journey.

Join the Plant Bro family today and let us help you grow your indoor jungle!

Plant Bro
A plant that is growing in the ground.

What Drives Us

At Plant Bro, we believe in more than just selling plants. We're committed to nurturing a community of plant lovers who share our enthusiasm for both indoor and outdoor gardening. We strive to provide not only plants, but also the knowledge and supplies needed to cultivate thriving green spaces in your homes and gardens.

Explore Our Plant Collection

Becoming a part of the Plant Bro community means more than just making a purchase. It's about connecting with fellow gardening enthusiasts, sharing tips and tricks, and celebrating the joy of gardening. We invite you to explore our plant collection.

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