About Us

Plant Bro is a small family run business.

Jed (Plant Bro) is the guy in the greenhouse sourcing and propagating the

beautiful plants we bring to you all here! Originally from the Philippines, he now calls Hamilton his home.

Jed also works in health care and uses plants as an escape from the stress of the pandemic, originally taking photos of house plants and posting them on instagram.

Eventually he started selling plant babies on facebook marketplace when shifts in his department were cut as a non-essential medical procedure lab. He felt compelled to find a way to make ends meet.

Plant Bro took on a life of it's own and eventually he called on his wife to assist with the daily operations.

Holly, Jed's wife and business partner is usually who you talk to on a daily basis.

She is the face of customer service with years of experience in retail services and hospitality.

Originally she grew up in Northern Ontario where she developed an appreciation for outdoor gardening and food cultivation. Transitioning to an urban setting she learned to bring her green thumb inside and shared her love for plants with Plant Bro and the rest is history!

They have two small daughters who are very curious about living in a plant shop or "in the jungle" as they like to say. 

The plant community has always been a supportive and caring place to grow and develop our company, every chance we have to share our plants with you is an exciting moment for us! Thank you for your support <3