Ceramsite decorative unexpanded hydroton


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Elevate your indoor gardening and home decor with our exceptional decorative clay pebbles. Crafted from the finest raw materials, including kaolin clay, and zinc.

Versatile and Visually Stunning: Our clay pebbles feature a captivating array of colors and boast a spherical, stone-like hardness. Their smooth, rounded form not only enhances visual appeal but also serves multiple purposes. Ideal for topsoil coverings in gardens and flower beds, they also excel as a part of water cultivation for potted plants. These pebbles seamlessly combine decoration, air permeability, water absorption, and retention.

Durable and Environmentally Friendly: Resistant to water and aging, these pebbles maintain their vibrant colors even after multiple washes. Their non-toxic, tasteless composition ensures they’re safe for your plants and the environment. Embrace eco-friendliness with our green and environmentally conscious Hydro Clay Pebbles.

Practical Uses:

  1. Improved Drainage: Create an effective drainage layer by placing these pebbles at the bottom of your flowerpots. This prevents waterlogging and enhances air circulation.
  2. Moisture Retention: In low-humidity conditions, our Hydro Clay Pebbles improve water evaporation, ensuring your plants stay adequately hydrated. Add the pebbles to your large humidity trays to aid in the evaporation process to increase passive humidity around your plants during the winter.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal: Use them as a top dressing to cover soil surfaces, preventing soil particles from splashing when watering or spraying your plants. Add them to clear vases to create texture and interest to your cut flower arrangements.

Distinct Advantages:

  • Clean and Pristine: These pebbles stand out with their distinct, clean appearance, unlike typical soil mediums.
  • Vibrant Colors: Choose from a range of rich colors, including sky blue, pure white, serene tea and soft peach.
  • Sterile and Pest-Free: Unlike soil, they maintain a sterile environment, keeping your plants free from pests.
  • ECO-Friendly: Crafted from newly developed green materials, our pebbles are eco-conscious, non-polluting, and earth-friendly.
  • Moisture Display: When used in transparent containers, easily monitor and adjust your plant’s water content.
  • Reusable: Wash and recycle them indefinitely, ensuring a sustainable solution for your planting needs.

Aesthetic Enhancement: Our smooth, uniformly round pebbles are available in four distinct colors: Pink, Blue, Green, and White. With a diameter of 1cm, they add texture, cohesion, and a finishing touch to your potted indoor plants, elevating your overall aesthetic.

Convenient Packaging: Our unexpanded hydroton comes in a clear, handled bag with a zipper seal to prevent spills during storage. Each bag contains 2.5 kg (approximately 5 lbs or 2 liters) of our premium product, proudly made in China and packaged in Canada.

For Plant Enthusiasts: Perfect for plant lovers, interior designers, and florists seeking a refined look for their plant collections. Join us at Plant Bro, where we continuously enhance plant aesthetics. Our Decorative Clay Pebbles represent our premier branded merchandise, an addition to our collection. Since 2020, Plant Bro has been dedicated to collecting hoyas and delivering plants across Canada, making us your trusted source for all things green.

Enhance your plant game with Plant Bro’s Decorative Clay Pebbles – the perfect blend of beauty and functionality for your indoor garden.

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Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 4 in

White, Pink, Blue, Green