How long will it take for my plant to ship?

  • Customers are responsible for selecting the shipping option that is satisfactory to them. We highly recommend using the fastest form of delivery through UPS. If a shipment is taking too long we are limited in our ability to intervene as all shipping is through third party services (Canada Post or UPS).ÔĽŅ
  • We send shipments out every Monday and Tuesday to ensure that they have the maximum amount of business days in the mail. Orders for the week must be placed by 5pm Sunday.
  • In case of a holiday on Monday, your order will go out on Tuesday that week.
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages.
  • We are not¬†responsible for packages returned to us by the carrier due to incorrect or incomplete address or delivery information.
  • We do not refund for shipping charges if the package has been sent out.

Winter Shipping

  • All winter orders are shipped with a warmer and insulation until weather conditions are stable and trending above 10C in the delivery area.

  • We check the weather to consider plant safety before sending orders. At times, we use discretion to hold shipments until weather conditions are within a reasonable temperature to ensure your plant's arrive healthy. Some holding delays include Holiday seasons, Extreme cold warnings, Blizzards, etc.

  • We recommend shipping overnight for winter orders, we will not send orders that will take longer than 3 days until spring.¬†
  • We use 72 hour shipping warmers to provide a slow and steady heat over a longer period in comparison to shorter duration heat packs. This has a dual purpose!¬†
    1. It protects the plant from overheating which could damage the roots and or the foliage.
    2. To protect the plant from cold for a longer period in case of unforeseen shipping delays.

Shipping Warmers

  • Pros to shipping warmers: They extend our shipping season! The contents are biodegradable. Keeps your plants in an ideal climate when its cold outside.
  • Cons to shipping warmers: They only work in temperatures hoovering around 0C if they are exposed to air colder than that, they are likely to fail. Can burn roots and foliage. Add extra weight to your shipment (1lb).

What shipping providers do you use?

  • We offer two different providers: UPS and Canada Post.

    What should I expect when I get my plant?

    • Your order will be packaged with care by us at our Plant Bro headquarters. All plants are inspected thoroughly for any signs pests or disease before it is packed. Plants always go out healthy.
    • Always quarantine any plants for at least 2 weeks when bringing them into your house.
    • Inspect your plant for any issues, if there is a problem let us know as soon as possible so that we can help. We offer a 48 hour reporting timeframe to give you time to monitor the plant after delivery for any signs of damage.
    • 2 weeks is the minimal amount of time it will take for your plant to acclimatize to your environment and recover from shipping. Some plants may take longer.
    • Our photos are a for reference only unless otherwise specified. You will receive a healthy plant in the pot size specified in the description. It may not be identical and it may have cosmetic flaws this is completely normal and does not always indicate disease. At Plant Bro, growers pick is hand selected by the Bro himself! He has highly discerning taste. If you have a preference for a hoya with a formed peduncle or prefer a long vine please help us pick a preference you want! (disclaimer, the peduncle may not be blooming at the time of order but will bloom faster than a hoya that does not already have a peduncle node already)
    • If you have questions or concerns about the plants you have bought from us please get in touch! We would love to help you out. If your order has arrived and there is damage due to shipping please get in touch within 48 hours. If you and your new plant pal are not getting along after a week or two please get in touch to find out about it's optimal growing conditions and support. We are always here to help!
    • We encourage you to take a video of your unboxing if this is possible in case of any disputes or shipping damage. If you post your unboxing video on social media, please tag us! We love a good testimonial! You can earn a 10% discount off of your next order fronds :)


        Plant Care

        Does my plant need any special care after shipping?

        • Yes! Plants do not like being in a box, it will take some time for them to recover. Do not repot your plant for at least 2 weeks after receiving it in the mail.¬†

        How do I care for my new plant?

        • Be prepared for your new plant baby's arrival, if you have ordered a new plant species and you are unsure how to care for it feel free to ask us about it's current favorable conditions!
        • If you have any questions about how to care for your plant or you run into trouble with your new plant. You can reach us through messenger on our website or you can send us an email to info@plantbro.ca and we are happy to help!

          Returns & Exchanges

          • If you have a concern with your order please contact us for support. We offer a 42 hour reporting time on all shipped orders.
          • We do not cover shipping on returned orders. If you are returning a plant to receive a refund you will be responsible for shipping expenses to return the plant.¬†
          • For cancelations and refunds we hold an 8% restocking fee on all transactions.
          • Refunds are issued when the plant is returned in the same condition it was received in. Shipping will not be refunded.
          • Please note we are not¬†responsible for packages returned to us by the carrier due to incorrect or incomplete address or delivery information.

          Affiliate links

          • We do get paid from affiliate links and product recommendations that we use you may see them in social media posts or right here on our website.
          • If you have any issues with a product bought through an affiliate link you will need to contact the company that you purchased the products from in order to facilitate a refund or customer enquiry.
          • Please do give us feedback on any affiliate products you have purchased! This helps us on our quest for all great things plant related.
          • If you would like to work together on an affiliation please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through our contact us form or directly at info@plantbro.ca¬†